A Family Affair


Maui’s Original Glass Blowing Family

Worcester GlassWorks is a small family glass blowing studio, comprised of artists Bill, Sally, their son Mike & Kelly. The Worcester Family has been blowing glass since 1972. They opened their Maui studio in 1992, making them the very first glass blowing artists to settle on Maui.

Come visit our home studio located on the beautiful slopes of Haleakala Maui, where you will find some of the islands finest blown glass art.

Our Hours


 Please  call  to  make  sure  we  are  open.  SUMMER  HOURS:  12:00  -  5:00  GALLERY  OPEN!

We  are  taking  a  break  from  blowing  glass  right  now. (808) 878-4000

4626 Lower Kula Road Kula Hawaii 96790

The Latest & Exciting news!


Soon Mike & Kelly hope to have a glass blowing studio in Carmel California. ( or near there) Some of you may know that Kelly and Gus ( corgi mix ) have already made the transition back to Carmel. This is the place to check back to keep up with the latest news.