The Making of A Custom Platter

Mikes Yard Sale

Mike & Kelly & Gus skiing Squaw Valley having fun! Taking some time off together

Bill & Mike smoking out the shop

This is some old footage taken at Worcester Glassworks Maui


Gus & Rex 🐼

Rex Kitty 🐼 CATapulted my move back to California

Some of you who have been visiting the Worcester shop & family on Maui may have noticed that Kelly has not been around. I am still here and very much apart of this Worcester family married to Mike. In a nutshell, I have been wanting to move back home to CA for a long time. Then along came Rex kitty 🐼 who desperately needed a home who was abandoned in my neighborhood in CA. That set me in motion and catapulted the move back. Because of this special kitty Mike and I are relocating in Carmel and in the near future will be opening a glass shop near by. Keep an eye out on the “Home Page” there is an update box that we will share all of the changes that are taking place. Worcester Glassworks Maui is open and running strong. We look forward to seeing your smiling faces up at out Kula shop on Maui 🌴