About Us

Michael Worcester


Eat, Sleep, Surf, Blow Glass.

Part of the reason I love working with glass is the primal forces that I can play with. when I am working with the hot glass, the intense heat feels so raw and real.  

The glass is so fluid and its movement reminds me so much of being around the ocean. I get so much of my inspiration and joy from just being in and around the ocean surfing and swimming.

The mountains also give me so much inspiration. You can watch and see how time and erosion take place with the rivers, wind , volcanoes plate tectonics,
I just love that stuff!

I'm finding cold working is like controlling erosion using diamonds, water, and a sandblaster to carve away layers of glass

It's like having a hurricane, a river, and the ocean in your control to shape the landscape which in my case is a piece of glass that I have blown

Having grown up around glass since I was about six years old I have come to have a special relationship with it.

I am so grateful to have learned so much from my parents blowing glass and working in the shop most of my life. They have inspired me to learn and take my talent to new levels, try new things, even open my own shop. I am still just as excited about creating and working with glass as I was when I first started.

Some of the new work I am creating is all about trying to capture the light.
The light you see right after the sun sets. That beautiful "AFTERGLOW" that lights up the sky when the sun has dipped below the horizon. I really enjoy seeing that.  I feel we definitely need more light in this world. My hopes are that my pieces of art glass bring you more light into your homes as well.


Sally Worcester


Color is my CoPilot

Sally began her explorations in glass when she blew her first piece at the foundry in Honolulu in 1971. A woman in a man's line of work. She struggled over the years to earn respect, both as a glass blower, and as an artist. Her success has made her an inspiration and role model to young female artists. Sally's work has been featured in fine art exhibits throughout the country and even abroad. Sally finds her inspiration in nature and the great artists of the past. She enjoys experimenting with color, using glass as her canvas. Her latest series entitled "COSMOS" is inspired by the images captured by the huble telescope, and is a perfect example of her affinity for color application.

Bill Worcester


March Madness

He jokingly calls himself "the janitor" but the rest of us call him the engineer. He has Hand built over a dozen studios over the years, some of them for himself and some for others. But not one of them displays the beauty and ingenuity of the current Worcester studio in Kula, there is just nothing else like it. Bill has put his heart and soul into his family business. Always altering and upgrading the tools and equipment to accommodate the individual artists.